Bike Touring Recipes
This post gives details on some of our favorite meals that we’ve developed, particularly for touring in the U.S. or Europe.

How Much Did It Cost?
An in-depth look at our finances for the two years we were on tour. Could be used as a rough guide for planning, though prices throughout the world fluctuate, and budgets should be dependent on the region in which you plan to travel.

Where We Slept
These three posts sum up our sleeping arrangements and strategies for finding them, plus lots of frequently asked questions on the topic.

Part 1: A statistical breakdown of where we slept, plus some FAQs

Part 2: Strategies for sleeping arrangements of a world bike tour, divided by region (US, Central America, South America, Europe, SE Asia)

Part 3: Warmshowers vs. Couchsurfing, and other FAQs


If you have questions about our GEAR or maybe our ROUTE, you can check out those pages on our site. And we’re always available to answer questions directly. You can email us at