When you’re on a cycling journey, there’s nothing quite like the instant bond you feel when you cross paths with another cyclist on the road. We’ve found one of our favorite parts of this trip is the friendships we’ve found in the cycle touring community at large.

For inspiration, information or entertainment, check out some of these web sites from other cyclists. Several of these we followed before we ever left on our World Tour, and many are those we’ve met along the way:

travellingtwo.com: Friedel and Andrew Grant, who are perhaps the number one resource for the international cycling community. They did a 3-year round-the-world trip from 2006-2009, and now work hard to keep their web site current and resourceful for touring cyclists.

familyonbikes.org: One of the first families we followed, the four Vogels rode the length of the Pan-American Highway.

Cycling the 6: We met Dr. Steve Fabes in Argentina in March 2012. He’s our standard for hardcore, as he likes to pick the most mountainous backroads for his routes (or at least he did in South America!). Steve’s already cycled across Europe and down the length of Africa, and now he’s on his way up the Pan-American Highway, headed to Alaska.

World Biking: Amaya and Eric Williams have already been on the road for 6 years! Their goal? To be the first to cycle through every country in the world. They’re almost halfway there. Champs, they are! They also have loads of great resources for others who want to plan a cycling trip.

Chile to Kili: We met Elvis in La Paz, Bolivia when we stayed at the same warmshower. Elvis is the first black African to do a RTW cycling trip, and he’s raising money for conservation and education in Africa.

Cycle for Water: We met Joost and Michiel, two Dutch guys, while we were headed north and they were going south on the Carretera Austral. They’ve been done with their Pan-Am trip for more than a year, but continue in their efforts to raise money for funding clean water projects all over the world.