So, Dave and I are fortunate enough to have birthdays within two weeks of each other… and we wanted to share with you some of the fun we enjoyed on our birthdays while traveling.

For starters, we actually celebrated Dave’s birthday (October 25) while in Italy with his parents. we went out for a combined birthday celebratory dinner while in Florence, and on the actual day, we went to the Coloseum and made sure Dave got some tasty sorbet in lieu of cake (remember… he’s gluten AND dairy free these days!). But one exciting thing about the birthdays being near a family visit was all the goodies and love they brought from home!

They just don’t have candy like American candy anywhere else in the world. My sister sent the Peanut Butter M&M’s, which are my absolute favorite!

This was perhaps the most appropriate birthday card we have ever received in our lives!

The inside of the card… perfect!

By the time my birthday rolled around (November 6) we were back into our normal cycling lifestyle again. We were on the Istrian peninsula, and had some of the most remarkable scenery we’d had in a long time!

Not a bad view for the birthday riding!

Plus, the best part… Dave had stashed a small chocolate cake in his pannier, and after dinner surprised me with a true birthday bash, candles and all!

What a great birthday surprise in the tent!

We were both grateful to be able to celebrate in such fun ways… spending time with family, enjoying beautiful nature, a surprise cake. The simple things continue to become more and more valuable to us in our current season of life. Thanks to all of you who sent your birthday wishes our way!